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Where to Find Deck Systems Keycard – Dead Space Remake

Finding the Deck System Keycard is the trickiest part of chapter 6!




Where to Find Deck System Keycard Dead Space Remake

Chapter 6 of Dead Space Remake will task you with finding the Deck Systems keycard to access the area and progress the game.

This is the trickiest part of the objective.

However, once you have found it, you can use it to turn off gravity so you can fly to the upper balcony where the Wheezer 06 is located.

While most objectives in the game allow you to use your map and navigation system to easily guide you to your next objective, that isn’t an option with the Keycard.

Instead, you’ll have to do it the old fashion way and look around. If you are having trouble locating the Deck Systems keycard, this quick guide will help you!

Finding the Deck Systems Keycard

Finding the Deck System Keycard 2

Source: Guides Gamepressure

You’ll first want to head over to the associated circuit breaker as the Keycard isn’t far from there.

The circuit breaker is on a desk in the gas-filled East Seedling Room B, across from the breaker itself. 

Now, to get to the Deck Systems Keycard, you’ll have to go over to the circuit breaker that requires the keycard itself.

Finding the Deck System Keycard 3

Source: Guides Gamepressure

Turn directly around, and you’ll see a door across from you to East Seedling Room B. Enter that room and on the right on a desk is the Keycard.

After you have obtained the keycard, return it to the circuit break where you started and install it.

Now you’ll have access to the room’s gravity systems which allows you to ascend through the room and reach the upper levels.

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