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Where to Find Commander Holt’s RIG Location – Dead Space Remake

Find Commander Holt’s RIG in this area on Chapter Six!




Where to Find Commander Holts RIG Location Dead Space Remake

In Dead Space Remake, you will come across additional collectibles and quests that weren’t in the original game. One of these new collectibles is the Crew Rigs.

The Crew Rigs are an important part of the You Are Not Authorized side quest which starts in Chapter 4 after you meet Hammond in the Captain’s Nest on the Bridge Deck.

Here, you’ll find a console on the right side of the chamber that gives you Master Override clearance if you have the RIGs of all senior members.

Since you have to collect the RIGs in a set order, it can be hard to find them all, especially Commander Holt’s.

If you are having a hard time finding the Commander’s RIG, this quick guide will show you where it is.

Finding the Prior RIGs

Finding the Prior RIGs

Source: LunarGaming

When exploring the different decks, you’ll able to collect the RIGs from each of the senior crew members. After collecting them all, you can return to the console for your Master Override.

Once you are granted this level of Security Clearance, you can unlock containers and rooms that contain the final upgrades you need for most of your weapons.

Before you can collect the Commander’s RIG, you have to collect Voelker’s before you’ve started the quest in Chapter 2 and White’s RIG in Chapter 4.

Only after collecting both can you obtain the Commander’s RIG.

Obtaining the Commander’s RIG

Obtaining the Commanders RIG

Source: Game Guides Channel

The Commander’s RIG is the third collectible RIG which is on the Hydroponics Deck during chapter six.

Finding the Commander’s RIG is a little harder as his body is buried underneath a Necromorph growth on the left as you enter the East Grow Chamber.

Look for the glowing shootable section of the growth on the left. After shooting it, another will appear to shoot, and then another.

After shooting all three growths, you can grab the Commander’s RIG from the left section of the upper walkway it was blocking.

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