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Where to Find Claire’s Head in Atomic Heart

Look for Claire’s head to fix her up for good!




Where to Find Claires Head in Atomic Heart

As with any game that has a campaign, you’ll have to work your way through Atomic Heart’s story by completing various quests.

One such quest is called She Sells Moustache on a Seashore. This one will task you with looking for the body parts of the robot named Claire.

It will also have a sub-quest that requires you to look for her head. If you don’t know where it is, this guide will help you out.

Where to Find Claire’s Head in Atomic Heart

Where to Find Claires Head
Source: Trophy Tom

To find Claire’s head, you must traverse Icarus Hall. However, this won’t be as easy as you might think as the building will be swarming with enemies.

We strongly recommend being prepared for a relatively long fight.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the area shown in the image. The vehicle in the image will eventually land after you have neutralized all threats.

Once it does, you must jump above it and then jump again to the second floor of the area where you’ll find a door leading to the puzzle.

Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle 2
Source: Trophy Tom

This puzzle is very reminiscent of the ones found after each boss in Resident Evil Village. To solve it, you must tilt the structure until the ball finds an adequate trail to follow.

The idea is to get the ball to a golden hole.  

You will have to tilt the structure a few times before getting it right. Once you have done the puzzle, you will be able to retrieve the head from a new room.  

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