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Where to Find Carrie and Veggie Group Location in Chained Echoes

Take a stroll in Valandis to find Carrie and the Veggie Group




Where to Find Carrie and Veggie Group Location in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is out now on Steam, which means more players are down to help the heroes retrieve their land from the hands of tyrants by defeating the enemies and doing the needed tasks in order to bring back peace.

This is a 2D role-playing game wherein you are going to experience being a protagonist who is living with swords, magic, and mech.

As you go on your journey to keeping the peace in your land, you will need to eliminate enemies that cause trouble. Believe it or not, even vegetables are one of the bad boys here.

In this guide, you will meet Carrie and the troublesome veggie group.

Carrie and the Veggie Group

During your early days in Basil, you might find yourself passing by a scarecrow near the water. Once you see this, it will start a conversation among the members of your team. By just meeting the scarecrow, you have already unlocked a side quest.

To complete this side quest, you have to look for Carrie and its group of vegetables.

Where to Find Carrie

Where to Find Carrie

Source: PrimeraEspada91

While you are in Basil and you are traveling, head to the southwest of the town. You will notice a big wagon on the ground–it will serve as your landmark.

Move a little to the right and you will see large buildings standing next to it.

Where to Find Carrie 1

Source: PrimeraEspada91

In between the first and second buildings, you will see a big carrot, waving its leaf in the air. Move closer and inspect this suspicious carrot and it will reveal Carrie! Yes, Carrie is a carrot. Eventually, this carrot will run away from you. Simply follow it.

Where to Find Carrie 2

Source: PrimeraEspada91

Go to the center of the town, then go north. In these locations, you will find Carrie waiting for you. For the last time, it will once again run off heading to the location of the scarecrow.

Where to Find the Veggie Group

Where to Find the Veggie Group

By the time you thought you already coerced Carrie, it will call its veggie group and your team will be engaged in a fight.

The veggie group is composed of five different vegetables with different attack styles and types. Namely, these are Mush the mushroom, Peppa the red bell pepper, Brocko Lee the broccoli, Cornelia the corn, and Carrie the carrot.

It might take you a while to win this, but it is actually just an easy one if you know the tricks. Aside from the fact that these vegetables have low attack damage, some also skip their turns.

To win this fight easily, make sure to target Brocko Lee first. This will prevent the vegetables to receive heals from it. When you have already taken down Brocko Lee, everything will just be a piece of cake. It doesn’t end there yet.

Where to Find the Veggie Group 1

When everyone is already down, these vicious vegetables will come to their last resort, the Shashlik. Basically, they will become skewered vegetables and will act as one unit. Compared to their previous stats, Shashlik will have higher defense and will deploy attacks that are mixed from each individual member.

To easily slay this, you must know its strength and weakness. The Shashlik’s strength is water and its weakness is fire.

To quickly end this fight, start attacking the Shashlik with debuffs. You can use Glenn’s Ultra Move which can reduce the enemy’s offense, as well as Kylian’s Aim Leg to slow the enemy down.

Where to Find the Veggie Group 2

Using Sienna’s X-slash will also put you an advantage as it leaves the enemy bleeding for five turns. Once Shashlik is bleeding or poisoned, deploy fire attacks to expedite your win. Once you have already taken down the Shashlik, approach the scarecrow and you will see a Shashlik weapon.

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