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Where to Find Bubble Bubble Mushrooms in One Piece Odyssey

Find Bubble Bubble Mushrooms to make Cola and finish the quest!




Where to Find Bubble Bubble Mushrooms in One Piece Odyssey

RPGs usually give you a lot of quests to do, both to keep you busy and entertained and to make the game last longer. It’s the same case in One Piece Odyssey.

One of the quests in the game requires you to find Bubble Bubble Mushrooms. Although they are marked on the map, it can be challenging to locate them if you don’t know your way.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find Bubble Bubble Mushrooms which you can use to make Cola as the quest dialogue suggests.

Bubble Bubble Mushrooms Location

Bubble Bubble Mushrooms Location

Source: Gamerpillar

You’ll be on the Lake Shore Cave map at one point in the quest. Here, you’ll be asked to look for Bubble Bubble Mushrooms around the cave.

There are a total of three Bubble Bubble Mushrooms you can collect in the area.

You’ll start on the southwest side and look for them all the way around the cave. The map above shows all the spots where you can find them.

Bubble Bubble Mushrooms Location 1

Source: Gamerpillar

The first Bubble Bubble Mushroom is on one of the platforms near the cave walls on the map’s northeastern side. Use Luffy to get there.

Bubble Bubble Mushrooms Location 2

Source: Gamerpillar
You can find the second Bubble Bubble Mushroom right near the cave walls on the left side of the map.

Bubble Bubble Mushrooms Location 3

Source: Gamerpillar

The last Bubble Bubble Mushroom can be located in the southeastern part of the map behind breakable walls.

If you get lost, the game gives you waypoints, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

That’s it for our Bubble Bubble Mushrooms location guide in One Piece Odyssey. We hope this guide helped you find the Bubble Bubble Mushrooms you need to complete the quest.

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