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Where to Find Bog the Real Gob Location in Chained Echoes

Do these steps to encounter Bog the Real Gob.

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Where to Find Bog the Real Gob Location in Chained Echoes

If you want to test your might in Chained Echoes, one way to do so is to find unique monsters and defeat them. These monsters are hard to kill, even if your characters are already geared up.

You must plan how to battle these monsters if you want to defeat one.

One of the unique monsters you can encounter is Bog the Real Gob, and we will show you where and how to find him.

Bog the Real Gob

Bog the Real Gob

Source: PrimeraEspada91

Bog the Real Gob is an enemy that hates its own kind. It has a weakness to Earth and uses fire and poison spells to deal damage. There are benefits when you defeat him.

First, you can obtain 800a, 50 SP, and five Elastic Wings on the Reward Board. Also, speaking to a Guild Leader will give you 5,000a.

Additionally, he drops a Goblin Head once defeated.

Finding Bog the Real Gob

Finding Bog the Real Gob

Source: PrimeraEspada91

To encounter Bog the Real Gob, you must complete these steps first:

  1. Clear the Raminas Tower
  2. Getting the tablet from Wygrand Mines and chose to burn the totem
  3. Complete the side quest A Goblin’s Dilemma” in Rohlan Fields
  4. Obtain the elevator key to the Magic Academy of Nhysa

Once you have done all these, head to the Raminas Tower elevator and use the elevator key to gain access to Northeast Ograne Grottos.

You will find Bog the Real Gob left of the entrance of Northeast Ograne Grottos.

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