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Where to Find Aurora the Dragon in Chained Echoes (Location)

Defeat Aurora the Dragon to reap valuable rewards.




Where to Find Aurora the Dragon in Chained Echoes Location 1

Chained Echoes is a narrative-driven role-playing game in which a band of heroes explores the enormous continent of Valandis in search of a way to end the conflict that has broken out among its three kingdoms.

They will pass through a wide variety of environments on their way, from submerged civilizations to forgotten dungeons, sun-tanned plateaus to exotic archipelagos.

In the continent of Valandis, unique monsters that drop the rarest items in the game can spawn in certain areas. One of these unique monsters is Aurora the Dragon.

If you’re looking for Aurora the Dragon, you have this guide to help you out. Here, we’ll show you precisely what to do and where to look for it.

Unique Monsters

Unique Monsters

At the beginning of your Chained Echoes adventure, you will learn about Unique Monsters, powerful, one-of-a-kind beasts that live worldwide. Battles with Unique Monsters are entirely optional but will put your fighting skills to the ultimate test.

Unique Monsters are challenging to defeat but well worth the effort. Unique Monsters drop rare items and have a special place on the Reward Board, where you can win additional prizes like vast amounts of SP.

Aurora the Dragon Location

Aurora the Dragon Location

Aurora the Dragon, a secluded and timid beast, lives on the northern island in the northeast region of Shambala. You can locate them at the Flying Continent Shambala, on an empty island encircled on the map above.

You need to enter and exit the location multiple times before it spawns. Just keep going west along the map’s edge again and again. Each time you enter the zone, there is a 25% spawn chance.

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