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Where to Find Amped Nails Design – Forspoken

Decimate your foes with this powerful Nail design!




Where to Find Amped Nails Design Forspoken

Becoming an unstoppable god able to beat everyone and everything is one of the most appealing fantasies in any RPG.

As an RPG, Forspoken allows you to customize Frey in a number of ways. One of them is by equipping her with different Nails designs.

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can find the Amped Nails design which is a pretty powerful one.

Amped Nails Design’s Location

Amped Nails Designs Location

Source: Gamer Guru

To acquire this design, you must venture to the Ruins of Calmo which is located in the heart of the Avoalet region.

The ruins you should look for are located in the southern part of the region (you can check the pointer on the map).

Upon arriving at the ruins, you will be greeted by a swarm of powerful enemies, so keep this in mind before traversing to the area.

We recommend hitting swarms of enemies with AOE spells. Also, keep spamming the spells while you dodge incoming damage!

After your fight at the ruins, you will be rewarded of course with the aforementioned Nails design.

Amped Nails Effects

Amped Nails Effects

Source: Gamer Guru

The description of the item states that your damage will increase based on the number of enemies in your surroundings.

This effect can become really powerful if you manage to attract lots of enemies near you and then hit them with your AOE spells.

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