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Where to Find All Cube Fragments in Alubarna – One Piece Odyssey

Don’t miss a single fragment with this guide!




Where to Find All Cube Fragments in Alubarna One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an action-adventure RPG released by the Japanese studio, ILCA. In this brand-new adventure, the Straw Hat pirates will try to escape their grim fates after finding themselves stranded on a gigantic unknown island.

As you can expect with many games with big worlds, many collectibles are spread around the map. One of them is the cube fragments.

In this guide, we’ll help you find all the cube fragments spread throughout Alubarna.

Sanji’s Cube Fragment

Sanjis Cube Fragment

Source: Ben-Gun

For our first cube fragment, the player will have to travel to an alley in the middle corner of the map (you can look at the mini-map in the image).

There is a breakable wood box right in front of the cube. Grab the loot inside it and pick the cube fragment to move on to the next one.

Usopp’s Cube Fragment

Usopps Cube Fragment 2

Source: Ben-Gun

For our second cube fragment, you must travel to Lovely Spring Plaza where you will catch a glimpse of the spot shown in the image.

You can use Luffy’s stretching powers to acquire the cube fragment.

Luffy’s Cube Fragment

Luffys Cube Fragment 2

Source: Ben-Gun

For our third cube fragment, you must head behind the wagon shown in the picture.

You can landmark this spot by locating a talking NPC located left of Nami (on the image) and the talking guard standing in front of the iron door.

Sanji’s Cube Fragment

Sanjis Cube Fragment 3

There is another cube fragment for Sanji and it’s located in a small alley behind some old pillars.

Enter the small hallway and find the cube fragment at the end of it.

Robin’s Cube Fragment

Robins Cube Fragment 1

Our fifth and final cube fragment is located at the upper portion of the map. You can find the fragment at the side of the steps shown in the image.

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