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Where to Find All Arboretum Runic Symbol Locations in Metroid Prime

Access the previously locked room in the Arboretum.




Where to Find All Arboretum Runic Symbol Locations in Metroid Prime

Runic Symbols are a form of puzzle that involves a bit of detective work in Metroid Prime: Remastered.

These are symbols that you have to find in order to unlock new gates, passages, and even old locations that you do not have access to before.

You can find runic symbols in three locations: Watery Hall, Sun Tower, and Arboretum. This guide will focus on the last location, the Arboretum.

Locations of All Runic Symbols in Arboretum

Locations of All Runic Symbols in Arboretum

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

The Arboretum is a large room that you can find in the Chozo Ruins. You can easily identify this room because of the giant Cyrlic tree at the center of the room.

If you have a chance to roam around this area, you will notice that there is another passage that is locked with a door that has four symbols embedded in it.

These are called the Runic Symbols.

As you can see, you will need four Runic Symbols to unlock the door. All you have to do is find all four symbols and scan them to unlock. Here are their respective locations:

Runic Symbol 1

Runic Symbol 1 1

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

To get the first Runic Symbol, shoot the Red Venom Weeds to gain access to the platforms. Jump over the circular platforms that serve as the staircase to reach the upper level.

Stop on the fourth circular platform and look down at the plant.

Shoot the plant to reveal the location of the first symbol. Once found, use your visor to scan it.

Runic Symbol 2

Runic Symbol 2 1

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

From your current position, jump one level up and look at the tree trunk. There, you will see the next symbol embedded. Scan it using the visor.

Runic Symbol 3

Runic Symbol 3 1

From your spot, jump to the other side and land on the edge of the bridge. Head to the right and transform into a morph ball to pass through the obstacles.

Once you arrive on this side, look straight ahead and scan the symbol on the wall using your visor.

Runic Symbol 4

Runic Symbol 4 1

For the last symbol, keep going up by following the platforms available in front of you. You should end up in front of the locked gate.

While facing the gate, look behind you and you will see the last Runic Symbol on the large branch.

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