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Where to find a Secret Merchant to Exchange Old Coins – Forspoken

Start using your old coins by looking for the Secret Merchant.




Where to find a Secret Merchant to Exchange Old Coins Forspoken

In the mysterious world of Athia in Forspoken, money is not that essential for Frey to survive. All she has to do is discover new magic spells and use random resources to upgrade her stats.

However, there is a special item that you can find on chests around the detours along with other resources. These items are called Old Coins.

You can use these coins to buy random kinds of stuff in the Book Shop. But as you progress in the game, you will have to look for the Secret Merchant.

Secret Merchant Location in Forspoken

Secret Merchant Location in Forspoken
Source: Quick Guides

To find the Secret Merchant, simply go to the Inner Visoria and look for the Curious Shop. As shown in the picture, you can find his store near the cliffs and mountain ranges.

Inner Visoria
Source: Quick Guides

Reaching that store requires a lot of jumping and climbing. The reason is that obtaining Old Coins is not that easy in Forspoken, that’s why using it should also be the same.

Source: Quick Guides

From the perspective outside, it only looks like an ordinary tall building, aside from the fact that it is hidden in between cliffs which makes it unordinary.


If you enter the shop, you will see this strange-looking man on the counter. Here, you can use your old coins to exchange them for other items that the secret merchant can offer.

funny looking man

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