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Where to Catch Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy | Location Guide

Here’s how to catch the cute and big-eyed Mooncalf!




Where to Catch Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy Location Guide

If you enjoy collecting magical creatures, you can tame a variety of them if you know where to look in Hogwarts Legacy.

Pets are magical creatures that you can capture. You can find them throughout the game and can even have them accompany you in your quests.

One of the pets you can get is the weird but cute Mooncalf. This guide will teach you where you can find this cute creature and capture it.

The Mooncalf’s Location

The Mooncalfs Location

Source: LunarGaming Guides

The Mooncalf is a shy beast that only appears during full moons. This big-eyed, long-necked monster can be found in a few areas, especially in the Forbidden Forest.

They are four-legged, tiny creatures with white and yellow fur. Once tamed, Mooncalves can help you find hidden objects and complete your mission faster.

How to Catch a Mooncalf

How to Catch a Mooncalf

Source: LunarGaming Guides

To catch a Mooncalf, you must first get the Nab-Sack after completing the “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest.

Once completed, you must wait until dusk and proceed to the location marked on the map above. Here, you can find a Mooncalf Den.

Slowly approach a Mooncalf and use the Nab Sack to catch it. Now, you have a cute creature that you can have as a companion.

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