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Where Should I Land in Apex Ranked on Every Map?

Find the best landing spots in every map you play in.

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Where Should I Land in Apex Ranked on Every Map

Apex Legends is a competitive first-person shooter, battle royale game. One of the most defining features of this game is its highly-competitive nature.

One important is knowing the right place and time to drop your squad, as it could make the difference between dying first and winning the entire game.

In this guide, we’ll show you where the best landing spots are on every Apex Legends map.

Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends

Where you land in Apex Legends pretty much dictates how well you will succeed in getting good loot and establishing a good momentum for victory.

Here are the 5 best locations you want to pick in each map:

King’s Canyon

Kings Canyon

Source: DOT Esports

Caustic Treatment

This area of the map has a good item for almost every legend. Its loot concentration is extremely high, so there’s a good chance you can find gold equipment or a weapon with complete attachments.

As the famous saying goes: “High risk, High reward.” However, this area’s high loot concentration will also attract a lot of players in the lobby, so be ready for a fight.


Fortunately, this area was improved during the Reforged update. It was buffed with a better loot distribution, so you can find good attachments and ammo as long as you land first.

Similar to Caustic Treatment, it is pretty far from the center of the map. You may fight once you finish looting, but make sure you have enough time to travel toward the ring.

World’s Edge

Worlds Edge

Source: DOT Esports


This area contains a high amount of loot in a small area.

There are also Gondolas that can potentially carry purple shields you want to take note of. This area is a great alternative to Fragment which is a hotspot for fights.

The Tree

This area is also a strong zone for loot. Even though it can be a potential hotspot for fights, you can still run to the buildings behind the tree for cover.

The paths around the tree are also beneficial for getting an easy vantage point and looking over at the Lava Siphon.



Source: DOT Esports


This place is great for grabbing loot and taking some early fights to improve your EvoShield. This place also has an area inside where it can heal players similar to Lifeline’s DOC. drone.

Players that are in this area can also summon a care package behind the clinic.

Phase Driver

This is also a great area if you’re looking for loot and a good supply of ammo.

Make sure to drop a little close to the buildings towards the back to avoid fights instead of landing straight into the bowl.

A machine nearby guarantees at least one piece of gold loot once it’s used.

Storm Point

Storm Point

Source: DOT Esports


This area is one of the unique points of interest in this map due to the cluster of elevated platforms located in the core.

It has a high-tier loot concentration which can attract a lot of fights. You can generally find this high-tier loot inside supply bins and in small buildings.

Once you are done looting, you can either stay to fight in close quarters or set up on the high ground to gatekeep incoming enemies.

Downed Beast

The monster that was seen in the launch trailer is a good source of high-tier loot and even gives great options for fights.

Specifically, you can find loot on the ground floor of the beast’s interior.

Here, you can expect to pick up gold weapons, purple armor, and high-tier knockdown shields.

Broken Moon

Broken Moon


This area is one of the developers’ new extra-large points of interest which is designed to hold a lot of teams while avoiding instant chaos.

There are many types of loot you can find at the legs of the structure, so you don’t need to land very accurately.

The high ground located in the central zone is good for making defensive setups for barricades.

Production yard

This area of the map has plenty of opportunities for protection from squads that are moving around, thanks to its large interior zone.

A lot of loot can be found in this interior zone, while high-quality loot can be found in the exterior landing zone.

Compared to nearby zones, it’s a lot quieter since it’s not on the path of the dropship. The best part of this zone is the zip rail for a quick rotation.

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