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What to Do After Spider Ball in Metroid Prime

Here’s what you should do after getting the Spider Ball!




What to Do After Spider Ball in Metroid Prime

The Spider Ball is one of the rewards you get after defeating Thardus and is arguably the coolest upgrade in the game.

You can use it to attach to magnetic Spider Ball Tracks, which are found all over Metroid Prime. Additionally, you need to use it to flee Thardus’s lair in order to learn and get used to it.

In this guide, we’ll teach you what to do after unlocking you managed to unlock the Spider Ball. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Exit Thardus’s Lair

Exit Tharduss Lair

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

The Spider Ball allows you to follow the Spider Ball track which can be found throughout the game.

Once you acquire the Spider Ball after defeating Thardus, you need to utilize it to exit his lair. Since this is your first time, you might be confused about what to do next.

Begin by scanning the path leading up to the ledge from which you entered.

Exit Tharduss Lair 1

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

You can use this track to get to the ledge exit, which may be a good idea so you can return to the previous Save Station and save your progress, but make sure to return here when you’re finished.

When you return to this room, there will be a Sheegoth waiting to keep you entertained.

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