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What is the Shadows of Rose Study  Lock Combination | Resident Evil Village

Combining all three clues will reveal the six-digit combination

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What is the Shadows of Rose Study Lock Combination Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village is full of puzzles that players have to face in order to progress the story. One of these puzzles is the lock combination in the Rose study. The puzzle requires you to find a six-numbered lock combination to unlock the cabinet.

This guide is going to quickly show you how to get the numbers to the lock combination.

How to Find Lock Combination

The primary clue to finding the lock combination is the kids drawing on the wall. One of the drawings contains a little girl holding scissors accompanied by a teddy bear. Interacting with this item will reveal the code behind the drawing.

How to Find Lock Combination
Image credits: Nononesenseguides

The stuffed locker, the picture on the bookshelf, the desk covered in the stuff.” The three locations indicated in the clue will each reveal two digits which add up to six digits.

Starting off with the stuffed locker, it will reveal that the number inside is 02.

number inside is 02
Image credits: Nononesenseguides

Next, the picture on the bookshelf will reveal the number 44.

reveal the number 44
Image credits: Nononesenseguides

Afterward, the last number needed for the lock combination is 66.

lock combination
Image credits: Nononesenseguides

So, combining all six digits will reveal the final lock combination – 024466. Finally, all you need to do is input these digits into the lock combination and this will unlock the cabinet.

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