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What Heirloom Should I Get in Apex Legends?

Get the best value out of your money by picking the right Heirloom!




What Heirloom Should I Get in Apex Legends

Players can personalize their Apex Legends experience by purchasing cosmetic goods such as skins, battle passes, trackers, banners, emotes, and more.

Furthermore, players may purchase loot boxes known as Apex packs which include three random goods. Out of these cosmetic goods, Heirlooms have the lowest drop rate.

Heirlooms are basically custom-made melee skins for each of the game’s legends that are highly sought after by the player community.

While heirlooms were relatively simple when Respawn originally released them in 2019, the latest ones have experienced a significant improvement in terms of their appearance, animations, sound effects, and other elements.

If you’re thinking about which Heirloom you should get in Apex Legends, this article will help you decide.

Revenant’s Dead Man’s Curve

Revenants Dead Mans Curve

Source: Apex Legends Wiki

During the Genesis collecting event, Revenant received his Heirloom called Dead Man’s Curve. Respawn predictably concluded that a lethal-looking scythe would be ideal for Revenant.

Respawn’s animation team absolutely went all out on this one since it boasts one of the most aesthetically beautiful inspect animations of any heirloom.

If you could get only one Heirloom, this is the one to spend your money on.

Crypto’s Biwon Blade

Cryptos Biwon Blade

Source: Apex Legends Wiki

In the Season 12 Warriors Collection Event, Crypto received his Heirloom, Biwon Blade. Though Apex Legends is located in a separate realm, Crypto has characteristics with Asian people.

As a result, Respawn reasoned that a futuristic katana would complement Crypto’s demeanor nicely.

Gibraltar’s War Club

Gibraltars War Club

Source: Apex Legends Wiki

Due to his Maori ancestry, Gibraltar acquired a patu-inspired War Club as his Heirloom in the Fight Night Collection event.

Respawn went above and beyond with this one since it gorgeously glows in the dark and features a unique inspect animation that pays respect to the Maori culture.

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