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We Who Are About to Die: Top Tips to Get More Wins

Get more wins by learning more about the game’s mechanics.

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We Who Are About to Die Top Tips to Get More Wins

If you are a fan of Mount & Blade, then I’m sure you will love We Who Are About to Die.

This is a gladiator simulation fighting game where you try to make a name for yourself as a fighter.

Apart from mastering complex melee fighting physics, you will also have to upgrade your character’s skill set and customize your appearance.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll want to learn how you can get more wins as much as possible. We have just the right tips for you.

How to Get More Wins in We Who Are About to Die

These general tips are intended for players so they can get a better gist of the game’s mechanics. If you’re a newbie, following these tips will help you survive and win your battles more consistently.

Let’s get started.

Attack Your Enemies Over Obstacles

Attack Your Enemies Over Obstacles

Source: KonThe Gamer

If you use long-range weapons, you can utilize the obstacles around the arena to kite your enemies and attack them over those obstacles.

This method will enable you to attack your enemy while maintaining a safe distance. You can use this to your advantage since the AI will not be able to adjust to it.

Retrieve Dropped Items Immediately

Retrieve Dropped Items Immediately

Source: KonThe Gamer

Instead of waiting for your defeated enemy’s items to fall to the ground, you can retrieve them right away. This will save you time and help you focus more on the battle.

Attack Instead of Blocking

Attack Instead of Blocking 1

Source: KonThe Gamer

One of the tips to avoiding getting damage is to simply attack instead of blocking. This tip is effective when you are using heavier or longer weapons.

This works best when your opponent is holding an attack because it will throw them off.

Modify Your Dodge

Modify Your Dodge 1

Source: KonThe Gamer

If you don’t have a shield, you can modify your dodge by turning away from your opponent while you are dodging.

Since the default posture of your player is slouching a bit forward, this type of modified dodge can add a few inches to your dodge so that you may dodge even longer weapons.

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