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We Who Are About to Die: Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips and Tricks

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We Who Are About to Die Beginners Guide Top Tips and Tricks

We Who Are About to Die is an action, role-playing game that involves physics-based combat.

Your main goal in this game is to creatively strategize on how to fight and win over your strong opponents inside the arena.

In this game, there will be no in-betweens. It’s either you die a try hard or rise from a slave into a renowned Grand Champion and finally get a taste of freedom.

Even though the game’s title is We Who Are About to Die, your objective is to live and survive. That being said, we made this guide to help you not get eliminated early and not make your opponent not sweat.

Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips and Tricks in We Who Are About to Die

Beginners Guide Top Tips and Tricks in We Who Are About to Die
Source: Jordy Lakiere

Throughout your game in Who We Are About to Die, your life will basically revolve around this arena and spectacles.

To make your stay longer and fight stronger opponents, you have to first learn the basics that can significantly improve your gameplay and game sense.

Let’s get into it.

Set the Autocam

Set the Autocam
Source: Jordy Lakiere

Since you are playing in a third-person perspective, panning and looking around is a bit more complicated than the first POV.

That way, it will be more efficient if you turn on the autocam. When this is on, your view will automatically shift or rotate to the side where the cursor is placed.

By default, your character will automatically face the direction where your cursor is placed. But, in sprint mode, the character will look at the cursor but will follow the direction of the WASD keys.

The positioning of the cursor also indicates where you can hit an enemy. Basically, if the cursor is placed near you, the character tends to look down, and vice versa.

Basic Attacks

Basic Attacks 1
Source: Jordy Lakiere

In landing basic attacks, all you need to master is your mouse control skills. You aim at the body part you want to deal damage to and then use the left-mouse button to attack.

By default, the weapon that you are using is a sword. To release a slash attack, you can click on a certain direction and then drag the cursor to the other side.

Auto Blocking

Auto Blocking 1
Source: Jordy Lakiere

In blocking, you will also utilize the use of the mouse. First, grab a shield and hold the right-mouse button in order to block.

Remember that you will position the shield in front of the direction where your cursor is located.

Plus, if you released a basic attack while still holding the right mouse button, your character will automatically go back to the blocking stance.

However, if you are not holding a shield, your character can still block attacks by holding and dragging the right-mouse button in a certain direction.

This mechanics actually requires mastery since it is a bit more complicated than when using a shield, hence, it is called advanced defending.

Stamina and Health

Stamina and Health
Source: Jordy Lakiere

One of the most important features of the game is both health and stamina.

The stamina is the blue bar, while the health is the red one. Stamina is reduced by every action done, while health, of course, depletes upon receiving incoming damage.

Another important note about stamina is that the maximum stamina is reduced as you continually receive damages. The way the health and stamina tie up just makes sense and makes the game more realistic.



To prevent getting knocked down early, you also have to learn how to dodge attacks. Here, you will use the space button while holding down the direction on where you want to dash using the WASD keys.

If that’s too complicated for you, you can also double-tap one of the WASD keys in order to dodge in that direction.

Dropping, Throwing, and Picking Up

Dropping Throwing and Picking Up

Your shield, once used for blocking or bashing, also receives damage. That means that your shield also gets worn out so changing it during battle is essential.

To drop your shield, press Q. To drop the weapon, press E. While attacking, drop your weapon and it will cause your character to throw the weapon toward the direction you are facing.

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