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Wayfinder: Which Class Should You Pick? | Class Guide

Get ahead of the competition early on by picking the right class!




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Wayfinder is a free-to-play action adventure MMO that also features RPG mechanics. One of said mechanics is the class system (each character has a unique class).

Every character has a particular set of skills that distinguishes them from the rest. For this reason, we have crafted this guide in which we’ll delve deep into each character and rank them according to different criteria.

Difficulty, Control, Defense, Range, and Offense are the key performance indicators we will look for in each character.




Wingrave feels and plays like any other paladin-like unit you have played in similar games. As such, his abilities and gameplay are directed at sticking to the enemy and dealing damage from short range while also healing ally characters.

The righteous strike ability allows the Wingrave to slash in a cone area of effect. If the attack hits, the Wingrave will heal both himself and his allies inside the area of effect. This character is easy to play and can provide a lot of support for his team by tanking and healing.

As such, we rank him: Difficulty – 1/5, Control – 2/5, Support – 4/5, Defense – 5/10, Range – 1/5, and Offense – 2/5.



Source: EpicNNG

Silo is a ranged attacker that can use an array of bombs to wreak havoc among enemy lines. The combo that can be chained using both the fire and the oil bomb is brutal and can create a deadly area of effect that slows players and causes additional damage.

In addition to these skills, Silo has a backward dash that leaves a clone in their place of him. This is a wonderful ability both to outplay your opponent and to bait them into making mistakes.

Silo’s rank is Difficulty – 2/5, Control – 4/5, Support – 4/5, Defense – 2/5, Range – 5/5, Offense – 3/5.



Source: EpicNNG

Niss is a character designed to dance around the enemy lines and step in and out of combat in the blink of an eye. As such, she may prove more difficult to master in comparison to the previous classes of the game.

Niss uses dashes to traverse through enemies. Each dash leaves behind her a shadow clone that deals additional damage to opponents. You can combine these dashes with dodges and parry. Her ultimate even allows her to become invulnerable for a few seconds.

We have ranked Niss as follows: Difficulty – 4/5, Control – 1/5, Support – 1/5, Defense 2/5, Offense 5/5.



If you like close combat fighter characters, then Senja is your match made in heaven. The storm queen will allow her to taunt enemies while buffing both yourself and your allies.

Senja can grasp enemies with lightning in a large area of effect, cleaning hordes of enemies in one sweep. She is a tanky character that also packs good damage.

Overall, we gave her the following rank: Difficulty – 3/5, Control – 3/5, Defense – 4/5, Range -2/5, Offense – 3/5.



The mage Kyros can sweep enemies with ranged claw-like attacks that irradiate dark energy. Wearing a giant sickle as a weapon, this character can deal massive areas of effect damage through his spells.

Kyros is relatively easy to play in comparison to Niss or Senja, so if you look for a quick and fun way to get into the game and destroy your enemies, Kyros is whom you’re looking for.

We have given Kyros the following rank: Difficulty – 1/5, Control – 2/5, Defense – 1/5, Range – 3/5, Offense – 5/5.

We hope this guide helps you in finding your favorite game style!

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