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Warzone 2: How to Fix Can’t Open Supply Drops in DMZ

Finally reached a much-needed supply drop, but can’t open it? Here is a simple solution!




Warzone 2 How to Fix Cant Open Supply Drops in DMZ

A few years ago, the Call of Duty series decided to take a crack at the battle royale gameplay style popularized by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The formula perfectly fits the military-based shooter and has been an included mode in each subsequence release up to the most recent Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Like many other battle royale games, supply drops are scattered throughout the war-torn map, allowing players to pick up weapons, equipment, and ammo. However, some cannot open supply drops within Warzone DMZ. The entire purpose of supply drops is to loot their valuable contents, so if you cannot do that, they are merely set-dressing and basically useless.

If you are having this problem, here is a quick and easy solution!

Change ‘Interact/Reload Behavior’ in Controller Settings

Change Interact Reload Behavior in Controller Settings

Source: YourSixGaming

Thankfully, the issue surrounding the inability to open supply drops within Warzone DMZ is actually exceedingly easy to fix. The reason most cannot open supply drops is due to a controller setting. For some reason, you cannot access drop ships when your controller settings are on the ‘Prioritize Interact’ setting.

To change your controller settings so you can access supply drops, you must:

  • Open the menu
  • Head over to the settings
  • Enter the control setting section
  • Then change ‘Interact/Reload Behavior‘ from ‘Prioritize Interact‘ to ‘Tap to Reload.’

And there you go! After only changing a single setting, an issue preventing your potential win is no longer an issue. You can now access the coveted supply drops found throughout the Warzone DMZ maps.

This incredibly easy fix seems like an oversight on Activision’s part, but luckily there is always a community of dedicated gamers looking out for one another!

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