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Warlander: Which is the Best Class to Play | Class Tier List

Warlander features three distinct classes that you can choose from.




Warlander Which is the Best Class to Play Class Tier List

The tanky Warrior, the glass cannon Mage, and the healer Cleric. These are the three class archetypes currently in Warlander.

In this guide, we’ll go over their pros and cons, as well as rank the classes, to help you pick which is the right one for you!

Which is the Best Class to Play in Warlander

The truth is, the best class for you will depend on your playstyle. A good squad should ideally have a mix of all classes, as they each have a unique role to play.

However, some simply excel more than others currently. From worst to best, this is the current state of the classes in the game.



The Cleric is the typical healer class. While their array of healing spells is extremely helpful for keeping the team alive, the class is simply weak in combat compared to the Warrior and Mage.

As such, this is a class that should be played almost exclusively as a support class. Definitely very useful overall but lacks the tools for dealing with opponents.

The Cleric is more resilient than the Mage, at least. A good Cleric should be focusing on keeping their team alive and not on fighting enemies directly.



The Warrior is a melee-focused tank capable of dealing and taking huge amounts of damage. They’re also hard to take down but can bring pain to their enemies.

The Rushdown skill is particularly strong, as the warrior plows through enemies dealing high damage to them all.

Their shield bash is also very strong, and their crossbow is a solid ranged option. It’s a very good class overall, with its only real weakness being that it needs to get close to enemies to deal huge damage.



The Mage is the Warrior’s opposite – a ranged damage dealer but very squishy. This class requires a proper setup to play and will need equipment to make up for their low defense and HP.

However, what makes them the strongest class is their insane damage output. Unlike the Warrior, the Mage has lots of great ranged and AoE options.

A good Mage can wipe you out before you even know what’s going on, so be careful when facing higher-level Mage players.

If you play as a Mage yourself, always be mindful of your weak defense and low HP. Also, make sure to snipe enemy Warriors before they can get up close and pose a real threat.

Basically, get used to playing as a glass cannon.

Note that all these can change later on as the developers release balance patches to the game.

Your main takeaway here should be which roles each class plays, along with their pros and cons, so that you can choose which one fits your playstyle best.

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