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Warlander: What are Boosters and How to Use Them Guide

Increase the rate of good items with these boosters.




Warlander What are Boosters and How to Use Them Guide 1

As you go on with your journey of becoming a mighty knight in Warlander, you will eventually encounter the ranking system.

That will happen once you have successfully completed 10 matches.

If you check the ranking tab of the game, you can freely check all the ranks available and the rewards you can get after the season upon reaching a particular rank.

One of the usual rewards is a booster, but what are boosters exactly??

What are Boosters in Warlander

As the name suggests, a booster catalyzes the chance of something happening. In the context of the game, this pertains to the chance of getting a particular reward or item.

Usually, boosters are obtained after the end season, and the quantity differs depending on your rank during the season.

What are Boosters in Warlander

Source: Realm Space Gaming

But if you really are desperate, you can buy some from the shop by going to Shop > Extras. However, there’s no chance for you to buy them individually as they usually come in packs.

You can buy a pack of five for 3000 silver coins or 180 gold coins.

There are three different kinds of boosters that you can encounter in this game: EXP Booster, Rewards Booster, and Rarity Booster.

Now let’s have a look at how you can use them.

How to Use Boosters

How to Use Boosters

Source: Realm Space Gaming

To use your boosters, go to the menu in the lobby and look to the right side of the Play button. There, you will see a Use Booster button; simply click it.

How to Use Boosters 1

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Here, you can see all the boosters and how many you have. Carefully choose which booster you want to use for your next game.

Once you have already decided, click your desired booster to activate it. When boosters are active, these will be automatically used on your next game.

Here is a quick definition of what each booster does:

  • EXP Booster gives all your characters additional experience points by 25%.
  • Rewards Booster increases the number of dropped items after a game.
  • Rarity Booster guarantees at least one dropped item after one game is in rare quality.

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