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Warlander: Ultimate Mage DPS Build Guide

Defeat your enemies and destroy their castle with Magic.

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Warlander Ultimate Mage DPS Build Guide

In Warlander, you assault a castle while defending your own. This means you must destroy gates and siege weapons then defeat enemies along the way to reach their core and destroy it.

One of the classes you can pick in the game is the Mage. And while the Mage is already powerful on its own, you can take it up a notch.

In this build guide, we’ll show you how to build the ultimate Mage.

Ultimate Mage DPS Build Guide

Ultimate Mage DPS Build Guide

Source: Sam Pham & Gooshy & Dutchy

Mages are Glass Cannons as they deal massive damage while having low HP and defense.

There are two builds for the Mage: the first is solely focusing on beating enemies while the other one is designed on destroying structures.

Let’s go over these two builds.

Mage PVP Build

Mage PVP Build

Source: Sam Pham & Gooshy & Dutchy

For this build, you need to equip Magic Arrow as your primary attack and supplement it with the Familiar Shooter to increase your damage.

You can also use Lightning Shock as the primary attack and then have Flash Step and Lightning as your skills.

Mage PVP Build 1

Source: Sam Pham & Gooshy & Dutchy

You also want to get Fire Wall and Rocket Punch for the Skills. Fire Wall is for slowing down enemies while dealing damage, especially if enemies are rushing towards you.

Additionally, if an enemy goes through it, they will go straight immediately.

Meanwhile, Rocket Punch will summon a giant rock fist launching toward an enemy. It will knock an enemy back even if they have their shields up, and if it directly hits an enemy, it will set them on fire.

Demolition Mage Build

Demolition Mage Build

The only difference in a Demolition Build is you have Ignition as the primary attack. Ignition is a skill that will fire sparks from your fingertips down to the ground.

It will travel on the ground, and if it reaches an enemy or structure, it will then explode. This attack is effective against structures and is also great when there is a chokepoint.

With these builds, you can now use the Mage class to defeat your enemies and destroy their castles.

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