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Warlander: Ultimate Gear Guide

Learn how to gear up properly to increase your chances of winning matches.

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Warlander Ultimate Gear Guide

In Warlander, you can equip your characters with various gear to make them more powerful.

For example, if you want to strengthen your Warrior, you can either get a better shield to make it tankier or a better sword so it can deal more damage.

However, obtaining better gear can be challenging and time-consuming. Luckily, we’re here to show you how to do it quickly and easily.

How to Obtain Better Gear

How to Obtain Better Gear

Source: TheRuppEffect

After every match you play, you will obtain items as a reward. These can be either gear or skills.

If you want more gear, you can go to the Shop and select Extras to find the Rewards Booster. This item will increase the items you receive after every battle by 1.

It costs 3000 silver coins for 5 Rewards Boosters, and you can quickly obtain silver coins by playing any mode.

How to Obtain Better Gear 1

Source: TheRuppEffect

As previously mentioned, you obtain items as a reward after every battle. However, you can also increase the chance of getting a higher rarity by completing Squad Missions.

How to Obtain Better Gear 2

Source: TheRuppEffect

It does not matter how many kills you get; the most important is to complete objectives. In this case, the best mode to grind loot is the 5-Army Battle.

This mode begins in 20 mins, but the matches last long enough for you to directly join another one after a battle. With this, you can have more chances of obtaining better gear.

Remember that even if you have tons of higher rarity gear, the amount of CP each of them costs should be, at most, equivalent to the number of points you have.

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