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Warlander: Top Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Use these tips and tricks to trounce your enemy in Warlander!




Warlander Top Tips and Tricks for Beginners

In Warlander, you are involved in PVP warfare with other players, hacking and slashing your way past castle walls while taking points and destroying foes.

The game has so many adjustable options that it may be challenging for inexperienced players to wrap their heads around them.

Luckily, this guide will teach you some tips and tricks to get you started in Warlander.

Take Note of the Objective

Take Note of the Objective

Source: Realm Space Gaming

When you play the game, you’ll notice each squad will have an objective. You must complete these objectives for the team to win. Don’t wander around doing your own thing.

This is a team game; failing to participate can only make matters worse for you and your squad.

Flank the Enemy

Flank the Enemy

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Avoid going head-on with the enemy as much as possible and flank them instead. This works well if you know the map.

Doing this will bring you to the squishier players, such as mages, who can be a hindrance. Defeat them to make things easier for you and your squad.

Use Your Abilities

Use Your Abilities

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Make better use of your abilities; they exist for a reason! Customize your abilities to what suits your playstyle best for better results.

While in combat, it’s inevitable to be in a tight spot. Use your abilities wisely to turn around any situation in your favor.

Learn the Map

Learn the Map

Source: Realm Space Gaming

To better outsmart your enemies in combat, you must familiarize yourself with the map.

Take note of the good flanking routes and which makes it easier for you and your squad to break in.

No-Title Characters

No Title Characters

You should avoid focusing on characters with titles when creating characters in the game.

This is because you can only spawn in characters with no titles at the start of the game, making it vital for you to keep upgrading them to progress.

That’s all the tips and tricks you need to survive in Warlander as a beginner!

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