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Warlander: How to Play the Special Ops Squad Guide

Learn how you can play the Special Ops squad role in Warlander.




Warlander How to Play the Special Ops Squad Guide

Special Ops, or also Spec Ops, is one of the roles your squad can play in the game Warlander.

Understanding your squad’s role should greatly help you and your team succeed, so we’re going to give you some tips and tell you what to look for when you play this squad role.

Let’s get straight into it.

How to Play the Special Ops Squad in Warlander

How to Play the Special Ops Squad in Warlander

Squad Objectives

First off, know your squad’s objectives. These are shown in the briefing screen but can also be checked anytime by opening up the map (M key on PC).

Currently, the Special Ops Squad’s goals are as follows: fire a catapult 15 times, control 4 towers at once, and unleash a Cataclysm.

A well-coordinated squad should go for a catapult as fast as possible as they are extremely strong and can change the flow of battles. Make sure to take control of them ASAP.

Another tip to keep in mind is to try not to fixate on a single objective at a time.

Special Ops is a very versatile squad, being able to switch between offense and defense at any given moment.

Keep track of your team’s situation and choose what to do accordingly. Don’t neglect the defense of your castle.

Also, try to push different objectives than what other squads in your army are focused on, as the enemy will be busy deflecting their attacks to give you an opening.

Squad Objectives


Next, you should understand Cataclysms. Currently, there are two different Cataclysms in the game: a giant robot and a meteor storm.

The meteor storm is particularly devastating, capable of wrecking the doors of enemy keeps with ease. The robot, at least currently, is relatively easy to take down with ranged attacks.

Meteor Storm

Finally, on the note of Cataclysms: let the tankier classes take the meteor storm. There’s a charge-up time to unleash the meteor storm, and you might take damage while doing so.

If you’re a warrior, make sure to try to unleash the meteor yourself. If you’re one of the squishier classes, let the warrior players in your squad take it.

Remember, it’s all very much a team effort, so coordinate with other players as much as possible.

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