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Warlander: How the Ranking System Works

Climb up through the ranks and reach a higher ELO rating.




Warlander How the Ranking System Works

As you enter the world of Warlander, you will meet a lot of players to fight against. After all, it’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that revolves around action and leveling up.

However, not every player that you will meet is on a lower skill level than you. This takes us to the concept of ranking.

Let’s have a look at the game’s ranking system so you can familiarize it.

How the Ranking System Works in Warlander

How the Ranking System Works in Warlander

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Just like in any other game, you can be ranked based on how you perform in a battle as well as your experience level.

But there is more to know about the ranking system in Warlander.

In this game, there are seven different ranks that you will encounter. Arranged from lowest to highest, these are Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Mithril, Orichalcum, and Aura.

As you play the game, you won’t be automatically in the Stone rank as you initially boot the game. Instead, you must first unlock the ranking system by playing 10 matches.

Upon unlocking the ranking tab, you are free to explore everything. Under the ranking tab, there are three tabs that you can open: Profile, Ranking, and Rank Reward.

Let’s look at each of them.



Source: Realm Space Gaming

The first tab that you will see under the Ranking tab is your player’s profile. Here, you can check out your current rank and rank points.

You need to earn rank points to get promoted to the next rank. A single rank requires a certain number of points for you to rank up. And to get these points, you need to join battles and perform well.

Profile 1

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Aside from your rank, the stats from both of the current playable modes will be shown. There are also your highest valor, KD, first-place rate, and overall win rate for the current season.



Source: Realm Space Gaming

For the next tab, you can see the ranking tab which also has two categories. The first one is the Overall and the other is the Friends Ranking.

In the overall ranking, you can see your current place in the game together with all the players on your server. Going here will automatically show you your rank, but there is also an option for you to check the top-ranking players.

To do that, simply click the button below that says Top Rank.

On the other hand, the Friends Rank shows you the same thing but with a smaller number of players. This shows you how well you perform in-game compared to your friends.

Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards

As you get promoted and enter a certain rank, the game will reward you with specific items. You can check these rewards on the Rank Reward tab. Aside from that, you can also see here how many rank points you should grind before getting one rank higher,

The Stone rank only needs 499 rank points, and reaching this rank will get you a Rank Stamp and 1x Rewards Booster. For the Bronze rank, you need to have 500 to 999 rank points.

When you are in this rank, you will also get a Rank Stamp and 2x rewards Booster.

In Silver rank, you should garner 1000 to 1999 rank points to receive a Rank Stamp and 3x Rewards booster. Hitting the Gold rank needs 2000 to 3999 points.

Reaching this rank will give you a Rank Stamp, 3x Rewards Booster, and 1x Rarity Booster.

The Mithril rank, on the other hand, needs you to have 4000 to 7999 rank points. This rank grants you a Rank Stamp, 3x Rewards Booster, and 2x Rarity Booster. The Orichalcum rank should at least have 8000 points.

This will give you a Rank Stamp, 4x Rewards Booster, and 3x Rarity Boost.

Rank Rewards 1

Lastly, being an Aura player does not rely much on rank points. Instead, you should be included in the top 500 of the overall ranking.

Reaching this rank will give you a Rank Stamp, 5x Rewards Booster, and 5x Rarity Booster.

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