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Warlander: Cleric Build Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Here’s how you can create a very effective support build.




Warlander Cleric Build Guide Everything You Need to Know

Picking the right class for you in Warlander will come down to your playstyle.

If you want to deal magic-based damage, you should go for the Mage. If you want to be a heavy hitter, the Warrior is for you.

However, if you want to play as a support, your best option is the Cleric.

In this guide, we’ll go over the Cleric’s moveset and how you can build around it.

Beginner Tips for Clerics

Beginner Tips for Clerics

Source: Realm Space Gaming

The Cleric acts as the support class which is best used for buffing and healing allies. This class also provides faster construction of siege weapons and can also expedite defense preparations.

While Clerics aren’t great at melee or ranged combat, with their additional buffs, they can hold out until more of your allies arrive.

Their greatest strength lies in helping the team so they can make the most out of field advantages.

When playing a Cleric, you’ll spend most of the battle crafting siege items to attack, repairing defenses, and healing your teammates while providing them with defensive and offensive buffs.

Good Starter Build for the Cleric

Good Starter Build for the Cleric

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Here is our recommended build for the Cleric:

  • Hunt Crossbow – This weapon has great damage and increased accuracy to let you take down opponents from a safe distance.
  • Heal – This is a spammable ranged skill with a short cooldown, allowing you to stay away from the battle while also healing your team.
  • Area Heal – This skill allows you to heal multiple teammates, including yourself, allowing you to continue to heal the front line while staying out of danger.
  • Resurrect – This ability allows you to bring back valuable allies so they can continue to fight.
  • Accelerator – This alternative will help get you and your allies into the battle quickly so they can deal damage while you heal them.
  • Barrage – This team skill helps you push enemy structures so you can gain more ground.

As you can see, most of the Cleric’s skills revolve around supporting their teammates. So if that’s your preferred playstyle, then go for it.

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