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Warlander: Building Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Building is a deceptively simple mechanic in Warlander that you should master.




Warlander Building Guide Everything You Need to Know

Crafting or building in Warlander is fairly simple. There are multiple building spots spread throughout the playable area. Approaching them and pressing left click on your mouse will make your character start building.

There are multiple buildable things in the game such as ballistas and cannons. What you build depends on the build spot you use.

However, despite being rather simple, not all players really understand how the mechanic works. That’s what we’ll talk about here.

Everything You Need to Know About Building in Warlander

Everything You Need to Know About Building in Warlander

Source: Realm Space Gaming

As previously mentioned, what some players might fail to notice is how building itself actually works. This might lead them to think it’s too slow or that they need teammates for it.

But you don’t really require the help of teammates or anything like that. You simply have to aim properly while crafting.

This image shows the building interface. Notice how there are three circles and one red dot. The three circles are not dissimilar to a darts board and the red dot is the player’s cursor.

Everything You Need to Know About Building in Warlander 1

Source: Realm Space Gaming

You simply need to make sure that your cursor stays in the smallest innermost circle. This will drastically improve your crafting speed.

Again, refer to the image and notice how little progress the player on the left has made by staying in the outermost circle compared to the player on the right. The difference is massive.

But it really is as simple as that. Stay in the smallest circle as your character hammers away and you’ll be crafting everything by yourself in seconds!

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