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Wanted: Dead – How to Break Through the Dance Floor

Let the bodies hit the floor as you complete this objective!




Wanted Dead How to Break Through the Dance Floor

Early during Wanted: Dead’s campaign, players will visit the Deaf Panther Club. This gaudy disco club is full of enemies you will have to take out.

One of your objectives at this point will be to Break Through the Dance Floor. Read on and we’ll tell you how to complete this objective easily.

How to Break Through the Dance Floor in Wanted: Dead

To complete the “Break Through the Dance Floor” objective, you’ll first need to head toward the dance floor itself.

How to Break Through the Dance Floor in Wanted Dead 1
Source: PrevailD

When you get there, you’ll instantly be attacked by weak android enemies. Don’t underestimate them, but they shouldn’t pose much of a threat.

Use your guns and katana to dispatch every single android on the dance floor. This will trigger a cutscene, with armored enemies flooding the room to attack you.

android enemies

This is where things get a bit more complicated. These enemies are much more resilient and have guns. Use the pillars on the dance floor to get out of their line of fire.

Additionally, you’ll have to face heavily armored enemies. They’re tanky, can parry your melee attacks, and won’t hesitate to shoot you if you get out of close range.

heavily armored enemies
Source: PrevailD

Thankfully, there’s a chainsaw in this club! It’s near one of the staircases and you probably saw it as you entered this room.

You aren’t very agile while carrying the chainsaw, but you can instantly kill even the heavy armor enemies with it if you get up close.


Dispatch all the enemies in the room and the door to the dance floor will open, allowing you to escape and continue the game’s story.

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