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Wanted: Dead – How to Beat the Armored Enemies on the Rooftop

Learn how to take down heavy enemies with ease.




Wanted Dead How to Beat the Armored Enemies on the Rooftop

As with any good character action game, Wanted: Dead features a variety of enemy types for you to fight. Needless to say, some of them will require you to change up your usual tactics.

The armored enemies on the rooftop of the Deaf Panther Club are a good example due to them being extremely tanky. Not only that, but their guns can deal a lot of damage as well.

If these enemies are giving you trouble, this guide will show you how to take them down easily.

How to Beat the Armored Enemies

How to Beat the Armored Enemies

Source: PrevailD

The easiest way to take out these Armored Enemies is to get up close to them so that they can’t use their guns.

Once you get up close and personal, they can only perform slow heavy attacks by swinging their weapons.

This allows you to parry their attacks and counter them using your own attacks. One of the skills in the Defense Skill Tree will increase your Parry Window, making parries way easier.

How to Beat the Armored Enemies 1

Source: PrevailD

However, don’t get carried away when you counterattack, as they can parry your own attacks too. Be patient but don’t let them create distance.

Keep parrying and counterattacking until they start flashing to open them up for a finisher attack. It’s not the fastest method, but it’s pretty safe and easy once you get the hang of it.

How to Beat the Armored Enemies 2

Source: PrevailD

Additionally, your allies will shoot these enemies while you are parrying and countering. This helps deal some extra damage to them.

With this in mind, it will be a lot easier for you to deal with these annoying enemies!

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