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Valheim: Where to Find Tetra Fish

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Valheim Where to Find Tetra Fish

Released by Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio, Valheim is an engaging survival game set in a procedurally generated world. If you enjoy Norse-inspired settings full of mythologic intricacies, we absolutely recommend checking Valheim out.

Since its early release access in 2021, the game has experienced a steady rise in its player base. Due to this rise in popularity, we believe players may wonder how to find certain items.

One of them is the Tetra fish which has been introduced in the Mistlands update. In today’s guide, we’re going to teach you where to find the Tetra fish and how to catch it.

Where to Find the Tetra Fish

Where to Find the Tetra Fish

Source:The Ginger Empire

There are creatures you can find around in the huge world of Valheim. However, as you can probably guess, not all of their spawn points are accessible to the player.

The Tetra Fish are passive creatures that inhabit the Frost caves beneath the Mountain biome. Bear in mind that some spawn points may vary, so exploration of the place is mandatory.

To reset the spawn points, you should keep trying to exit and enter the different places around the cave.

Catching the Tetra Fish

Catching a Tetra Fish

Source:The Ginger Empire

Catching the fish can be tricky. We recommend trying to catch one with a fishing pole equipped with Cold Fishing Bait.

You can craft the bait at the cauldron. To create the bait, you will need to combine Tuna and a Fenring trophy. After this, you can take the fish to your headquarters and obtain your newest trophy.

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