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Undisputed: Ultimate Offense Guide | Tips on Best Moves

Take a look at the ins and outs of offense in the game.




Undisputed Ultimate Offense Guide Tips on Best Moves

Undisputed is touted as the most realistic boxing game to date.

There have been few boxing games since the Fight Night series ended, so many are excited to jump in.

While the game is still in early access, many are already flocking to it due to its realistic graphics and fun gameplay.

Since it’s an online game, you will go through a learning curve, and you will most likely take many losses before you can start securing some wins.

To help you get those wins a little sooner, we have created this guide to go over everything you need to know regarding offense in the game.

Tips to Get You Started

Tips to Get You Started

Source: Jay MMA

If you are looking to get some wins in Undisputed, one of the best tips to get you started is to be patient.

You want to take your time and feel out your opponent.

Rushing in and throwing punches without thought will not only cause you to lose stamina but will also lead to you becoming predictable, getting countered, and, ultimately, getting knocked out.

There are 12 rounds per match, so take your time and don’t attempt to get a knockout within the first few rounds.

Basic Controls

Basic Controls

Source: Jay MMA

Here are a few basic controls you’ll need to learn before you jump in:

  • Weave – LT activates the weave which will move your character to avoid hits.
  • Body Punch Modifier – Press LB to start hitting your opponent’s body rather than the head.
  • Hooks – A is for the left hook while B is for the right hook. Use these to wear down your opponent.
  • Jab – Pressing X will do a jab, which is your fastest and most reliable punch.
  • Straight – Y is your basic straight and is used to close the distance between you and your opponent. 
  • Power Punch – Holding RB will make your punches more powerful.
  • Block – RT is for blocking your head while RT+LB is for blocking your body.
  • Uppercut – A+X activates the left uppercut and B+Y activates the right hook which is perfect for countering.
  • Dodges – Flick the left stick in the direction you want to dodge.

With these and a basic overview of the controls, you are ready to jump into the boxing ring!

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