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Undisputed: Ultimate Defense Guide

Time to prove that defense is the best offense.




Undisputed Ultimate Defense Guide

The Undisputed Early Access version has already been released, and gamers have been trying to discover the best fighting style that best suits their playstyle.

As you probably know already, each character has his own stats and traits which make them uniquely different from each other.

This also includes their fighting style.

In terms of fighting style, some boxers are better at defense than others. And if you want to capitalize on that, then we have this ultimate defense guide to help you.

Ultimate Defense Guide in Undisputed

Ultimate Defense Guide in Undisputed

Source: Darhkseid

Most players make the mistake of focusing more on offense or landing successful attacks.

While it is true that being accurate in your attacks is a great advantage against your enemies, knowing when to defend is also essential.

In fact, this is the only way for you to protect yourself and reserve your stats in their optimal state.

Knowing basic defense is the key to winning, and here’s how you can master it:

Blocking the Head

One of the most vital parts to protect is the head. You can easily block punches to your head by holding down the right trigger or the RT button.

Holding this button will make a high block. But if you want to do a low block on the head, hold the RT button and move down the left joystick or to wherever direction the punch is coming from.



Source: Darhkseid

The next one that you can do is weave which refers to the way you move back your upper body to evade hooks.

You can do this by holding down the left trigger or LT button and moving around the left joystick.

Weave Block

Weave Block

Source: Darhkseid

To do a weave block, hold both the Lt and Rt buttons while moving around the left joystick. This allows you to easily move around while still blocking incoming punches.



Source: Darhkseid

The next defense stance is a slit which is a bit tricky and more advanced than the previous ones.

You can do this by moving the left joystick and pressing it in the direction you want to use it. This can be perfectly paired with a powerful hook once you have mastered it already.

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