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Undisputed: Top Tips to Help You Win Matches

Follow these tips to become the undisputed champion!

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Undisputed Top Tips to Help You Win Matches

Undisputed is the latest boxing simulation game that has been released.

Apart from its realistic visual aesthetics, the game’s mechanics are also very realistic to the combat sport itself.

For first-time players, however, the game can be quite difficult to master. It will be common to suffer one defeat after another. So to increase your chances of winning matches, we have prepared these essential tips for you.

Top Tips to Win Matches in Undisputed

If you’ve played undisputed for a while, you would know that victory doesn’t come easily. Here are some greats tips you can implement to become the best boxer in the ring:

Master Directional Punches

Directional Punches

Source: Undisputed

This type of punch involves moving away from your opponent while throwing a strike at the same time.

This can help you both step out and step in to a fight. At the same time, it allows you to set up different types of angles and combinations.

To throw a directional punch, move your analog to a direction of your choice while pressing the punch button.

Learn How to Head and Body Strikes

Head and Body Strikes

Source: Undisputed

Mixing up your attacks with head and body strikes will help you become unpredictable. To throw body strikes, simply press the left bumper while throwing your punch.

Learn Power Punches

Power Punches

Source: Undisputed

When timed correctly, power punches can deal significant damage to your opponent and can even instantly induce a knockdown.

To throw a power punch, simply hold the right bumper while pressing your punch button.

While this type of punch looks epic, make sure not to use too much as it can drain your energy and leave you vulnerable to counters.

Practice Blocking


Source: Undisputed

Blocking is one of the most basic defensive mechanics in this game. You can block your opponent’s blows by simply holding the right trigger.

To block your body, hold the right trigger while moving the right analog to your area of choice.

Blocking can cushion your opponent’s blows while you are looking for room to breathe.

Master the Art of Slipping

Master the Art of Slipping

This mechanic involves quickly moving your body and head to avoid a punch. This will help you avoid your enemy’s punches when he is in close proximity.

You can slip by moving the left analog stick in any desired direction while clicking the left analog stick. This works well to counter your opponent without moving away from him.

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