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Undisputed: Loose Movement Guide

Let’s look at how you can best utilize loose movement during matches!




Undisputed Loose Movement Guide

Undisputed allows you to have total control over your character, allowing you to take total control of fights as long you have the skill and patience.

While there is an in-depth system for punching, there is also a system that makes movement more versatile and precise.

When learning the game, you will quickly become familiar with all of the controls, but the loose movement system is something many ignore.

This is a very essential skill to learn and master if you want to improve as it provides you with more mobility. This guide will highlight how best to use this movement mechanic.

How to Initiate Loose Movement Mode

How to Initiate Loose Movement Mode

Source: Jay MMA

To start off, you must turn loose movement on by pressing the D-pad up. Once you have done so, you will notice that the silhouette of your character will change, as shown in the picture above.

It is essential that you understand that although loose movement provides more mobility, it also makes you more prone to getting knocked out, so use it wisely.

Using Loose Movement

Using Loose Movement

Source: Jay MMA

With loose movement activated, you will be able to do more footwork with your character while also moving around faster and more freely.

To use loose movement, you must double-tap in the direction you want to go. After double-tapping, you will go into an animation that will quickly move your character out of danger.

Only some characters excel with loose movement, as it is based on their movement stats and traits, so make sure you play around with the mechanic and see who it works best with.

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