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Undisputed: How to Throw Combinations

This guide will show you how to throw out combinations!




Undisputed How to Throw Combinations

In Undisputed, throwing out combos is the best way to get a knockout.

Also, if you are going to throw out heavy punches, it is essential that you put them into a combo, starting with jabs, hooks, and other lighter, faster punches.

Throwing combos is about knowing what punches link best together, what range you can do them at, and when is the best time to do them.

If you are looking to learn how to throw combos in Undisputed or you want to get better at them, this guide will provide you with some helpful tips to help you out!

Learn the Timing

Learn the Timing

Source: Darhkseid

Unlike previous boxing games such as the Fight Night series, you can’t just throw random punches and expect them to link and land.

In Undisputed, everything is timing based, so you want to know what you will be throwing out before you do so.

You also want to make sure you land the first punch before you throw out another and continue the combo.

Each character will have his own strengths and weaknesses regarding punches and combinations.

It is best to learn what your character’s best punches are and learn to integrate those into combos, learning the timing of each so you know how to link them and when.

Watch Your Opponent

Watch Your Opponent

Source: Darhkseid

If your opponent is blocking high constantly, you want to start your combo low, get them to change blocking positions, then aim for the head.

You should also be watching your opponent to see if you are safe to throw out a combo.

Combos take a lot of stamina, and if you get hit in the middle of doing a combo, you’ll lose stamina even quicker which could lead to you getting knocked out. 

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