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Undisputed: How to Play Ray Leonard and Win More Fights

Here’s how you can utilize Sugar Ray Leonard best so you can get more wins!




Undisputed How to Play Ray Leonard and Win More Fights

Undisputed has a large roster of boxers with lots of current stars as well legendary fighters from the sport’s history.

Here, you can play as big names like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Due to his reputation and adoration from fans, Sugar Ray has become a popular choice for those who play the game. However, not everyone is utilizing his strengths properly.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Sugar Ray to get some more wins!

Playing to Sugar Ray’s Strengths

Playing to Sugar Rays Strengths

Source: Everything Combat Sports

To get the most out of any fighter in Undisputed, you want to learn their stats and traits. This will allow you to use them to the best of your ability.

Sugar Ray is a distance fighter, and his stats and traits reflect that. They’re as follows:

  • Distance Keeper – This trait increases the damage dealt by your jabs by 20%. This allows you to stick on the outside and pick your shots while still dealing damage. However, this also reduces the amount of damage dealt when using hooks, as they are slower and leave you vulnerable.
  • The Prince – His other trait increases the damage dealt by all directional punches by 10%. This provides him with more versatility and allows him to take shots from different angles to ensure he stays a safe distance. Conversely, this trait reduces the damage dealt by punches you throw when standing still by 5%. This encourages you to keep moving to avoid damage and stay out of the range of your opponent.

Getting More Wins with Sugar Ray

Getting More Wins with Sugar Ray

Source: Everything Combat Sports

To best use Sugar Ray in a fight, you must consider his traits and put them into use constantly.

Sugar Ray is a very mobile, jab-heavy fighter, and your play style should reflect that. As long as you keep your distance, pick your shots, and set everything up with a jab, you should be able to use Sugar and get a lot more wins.

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