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Undisputed: How to Play Muhammad Ali Guide

Play as the legendary Muhammad Ali and take down your opponents in style.




Undisputed How to Play Muhammad Ali Guide

Undisputed lets you play as boxers who have had recent success as well as legendary boxers from the sport’s past.

Here, you can choose to play as Floyd Mayweather Sr., Sugar Ray Leonard, and even the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali’s moves mirror his real-life abilities. He has a fantastic jab and very quick hands and feet, making him ideal for getting in, scoring a few hits, then backing out without taking a single blow.

If you are looking to master Ali in Undisputed, here is a quick guide for you.

Muhammad Ali’s Strengths

Muhammad Alis Strengths

Source: The Coach’s Corner

Another thing that sets Ali apart from other boxers in the game, besides his fast hands and feet and great jab, is his exceptional ability to slip quickly on the inside.

With this, he can easily evade attacks, even if he is in a prime position to be countered.

His formidable length also helps him. He has a left hook that has a lot of range, so he can remain at a safe distance while still throwing some shots at his opponent.

Tips for Playing as Muhammad Ali

Tips for Playing as Muhammad Ali

Source: The Coach’s Corner

To use Ali to the best of his ability, you need to have great control of space and exceptional defense while also taking total advantage of the slip mechanic.

Ali performs best when you use space to his advantage, be patient, and look for the best time to strike.

You want to make your opponent over-commit so you can take advantage of their mistake and throw a counter-punch.

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