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Undisputed: How to Play Joe Joyce

Familiarize yourself with the Juggernaut’s play style.




How to Play Joe Joyce in Undisputed 2

A modern heavyweight champion known for his impressive bulk, Joe Joyce is one of the promising stars of the sport currently.

But how does this apply to his videogame counterpart? How can players take advantage of his strengths in Undisputed?

Read on and find out how you can play this champion.

How to Play Joe Joyce in Undisputed

How to Play Joe Joyce in Undisputed

Source: GameRiot

Joe Joyce in Undisputed is a huge, bulky man. Standing at 198cm tall and weighing 272 pounds, it’s no doubt that he’s a bulky muscular juggernaut.

Just like the real-life Joe Joyce, you’ll want to take advantage of this bulk to bully your opponents.

When it comes to traits, Joe Joyce sadly doesn’t have much going on. He used to have the Smokin’ Left Hook trait which granted him 15% more chance to KO opponents with his left hooks.

However, that trait was replaced with the Granite Chin trait in a recent update. This trait reduces the chances of flash knockouts by 25%. It also weakens Joyce’s block by 5%.

This does fit more with his real-life counterpart, so it’s a welcome change.

How to Play Joe Joyce in Undisputed 1

Source: GameRiot

Joe Joyce’s playstyle relies on jabs with his right hand, as these are where most of his strength is applied. You’ll want to refrain from using uppercuts, as they are his weakest punch.

Joe Joyce has a great reach that allows him o play into his jabs. You can avoid getting in too close and using your jabs from range, keeping your opponent from closing the gap.

You’ll especially want to take advantage of your reach when matched up against fighters with shorter arms since their game plan relies on getting in close for body punches.

As always with Early Access titles, remember that the game’s balance is subject to change. What we just told you only applies to the game’s current status and is subject to change.

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