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Undisputed: How to Play Joe Frazier

Master Smokin’ Joe’s playstyle in Undisputed.




Undisputed How to Play Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier joins the large roster of licensed fighters in Undisputed, bringing his relentless fighting style and durability to the game.

A hard-to-master character, Joe Frazier shines by pressuring his opponents into the corner by taking advantage of his fantastic durability.

If you’re looking to learn how to bring the heat as Smokin’ Joe in Undisputed, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide on how to play him.

How to Play Joe Frazier in Undisputed

How to Play Joe Frazier in Undisputed

Source: The Coach’s Corner

The first thing you should notice about Joe Frazier is that he has some of the best defensive stats in Undisputed.

His vitality, stamina, defense, and heart are all incredibly high. On top of his defensive stats, he also has the Granite Chin trait, making him 25% less likely to suffer a flash knockout.

Joe Frazier also has the ability to put up a cross guard and walk toward the opponent, keeping his defense up. Use this to help you corner your opponents easily.

How to Play Joe Frazier in Undisputed 1

The crossguard also makes uppercuts easier to block.

You’ll want to use his incredible defense to cut off the ring. Block and move, pressuring your opponent to bring them to the ropes. Don’t let your opponent escape; instead, keep them in place with your directional hooks.

How to Master Playing Joe Frazier

How to Master Playing Joe Frazier

Learning to keep your opponent cornered is the key to success with Joe Frazier.

It makes Joe Frazier a hard character to learn, but it also makes him an extremely scary fighter when mastered.

Another trick to mastering Joe Frazier is to release power punches after slips. Slip in the direction of the hand you’re going to punch with and then release your punch, making it faster and stronger.

In conclusion, Joe Frazier is best played when using his guard to put pressure on and corner opponents. Throw strong counters and keep your opponents from escaping.

That’s the key to success as Joe Frazier.

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