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Undisputed: How to Play Guide

Learn the ropes of the game in order to master it.

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Undisputed How to Play Guide

Undisputed is the latest boxing game for long-time players of this genre. As with most boxing simulators, Undisputed can be pretty challenging for first-time players.

So if you’re a first-timer, this guide will teach you the basic mechanics of the game so you can enjoy it to its fullest.

How to Play Undisputed

This game can get pretty overwhelming at first, especially for beginners. Here is a quick rundown of mechanics that you need to know to ensure you win all your fights. Let’s dive in.



Source: HZGaming4U

Like the referee always says, “Protect yourself at all times”.

The best type of offense is a good defense.

When you’re moving around or planning your next strike, make sure to keep your guard up to cushion your opponent’s attacks.



Source: HZGaming4U

Slipping simply means moving around during your fight.

Boxing isn’t just about punching your opponent the entire match, but it’s also about proper movement.

Utilizing your movement will help you find the best timing for your punches and helps your character recover from hits.



Source: HZGaming4U

Spams are basically a combination of movements and straights. The most effective combination you can use against your opponent is to lean back and then throw a power straight.

To lean back, press L2 along with a directional stick. Lure your opponent using your slip, then time it well with your power straight.

This will cause immense damage to your opponent.



Source: HZGaming4U

Another mechanic that you should focus on to win your fights is accuracy. You wouldn’t want to throw unnecessary punches that will miss and affect your energy in the later rounds.

To improve your accuracy in Undisputed, you must quickly lean back before throwing a punch. Not only will this maximize the force of your punch, but it will also make you avoid your opponent’s punch.

These are the basic mechanics you need to learn as a beginner.

Once you master these basics, you can move on to more advanced techniques and combinations.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the game. Not everyone is cut out for boxing, and this game is one of the most accurate simulations for boxing next to the Fight Night series.

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