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Undisputed: How to Foul and Get Disqualified

Punches are powerful, but you have to stick to the rules as well.




Undisputed How to Foul and Get Disqualified

In Undisputed, you have to do whatever it takes to win every match that you participate in. But never forget that in everything, there is always a limitation, hence the match rules.

Even in a virtual match, a boxing match will also always have rules that you must abide by.

Otherwise, this might cause either a foul or a disqualification. So in this short guide, we will show you the things that can get you a foul so you can easily avoid them in a match.

How to Foul and Get Disqualified in Undisputed

How to Foul and Get Disqualified in Undisputed

Source: ThisGenGaming

Fouls and disqualifications in Undisputed are commonly witnessed and encountered by players who play it offline compared to playing online.

These include the following:



Source: ThisGenGaming

Headbutts are one of the things you can do to receive a foul from the referee.

To do this, you have to press the down button from your D-pad to make your character headbutt your opponent.

After the referee spots several illegal blows, you will be called out and will eventually be deducted one point.

Low-Blow Shots

Low Blow Shots

Source: ThisGenGaming

For low-blow shots, you just have to hold the L1 or LB button while holding the down button of your D-pad.

The same with the previous one, the referee will also call you out and deduct 1 point after doing this several times.



Source: ThisGenGaming

Once you have been called out for a foul yet you still keep on doing it the next rounds, the referee will call you out again.

This time, however, he will disqualify you from the game.

A cutscene will then play to show the referee talking to you and explaining the situation as the commentators commend the referee’s judgment and observation.

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