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Undisputed: How to Fix Controller Not Working

Controller not working? Let’s get those keys back in action!




Undisputed How to Fix Controller Not Working

The early access of Undisputed was finally out last January 31, 2023. With it, gamers got to experience this new sports life simulation game that solely focuses on boxing.

However, despite the hype of the early access release, players have been filing complaints about their game experience, particularly regarding the connection of the peripherals.

Most players use their controllers while playing this, but their controllers wouldn’t work.

Since we don’t want more people to struggle with this problem, we made this guide to help you fix it.

How to Fix Controller Not Working in Undisputed

How to Fix Controller Not Working in Undisputed

Due to the increasing amount of reports about ’ controllers not working after being connected, we listed out these simple fixes to help you troubleshoot the problem:

Exit the Game

Exit the Game

Source: AussieKnuckles

Once you have booted the game and the game doesn’t start after you press your Start button or any hotkey assigned to it, immediately exit the game and go to your Steam account.

Make sure that you Stop the game on Steam before doing anything else.

Manage Settings

Manage Settings

Source: AussieKnuckles

Once the game is closed and you are in your Steam account, look to the right side of your Steam name and click the Big Picture Mode.

Now, go to Library > Undisputed > Manage Game > Steam Input > Controller Options.

Manage Settings 1

Source: AussieKnuckles

It will then show you a drop-down list of the options. Make sure that you select the Global Setting, then click OK.

Start the Game

Start the Game

What you have to do next is to open the game. Once you are already in the game menu, press the Home button on your controller and click Controller Options.

Click Rearrange Controller Order.

Here, you can move your main controller to the topmost to easily detect which one is your dominant controller. After that, click OK and you should be good to go.

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