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Undisputed: How to Counter Using Mind Tricks

Get through your enemy’s defenses by setting up a perfect counter.




Undisputed How to Counter Using Mind Tricks

Undisputed lets you play as a boxing legend. As you would imagine from such a game, the goal is to knock out your opponent or to perform well enough to come out on top.

One of the best ways to ensure victory is to use a counter against your enemy.

This means you must use your opponent’s momentum against them and attack once they have missed.

To achieve this, you’ll need to incorporate some mind games into your play. This guide will teach you how to use mind tricks to get counters.

How to Use Mind Tricks to Get a Counter

How to Get a Counter

Source: Oscar Letherby

A good way to ensure you get consistent counters is to keep with jabs and straights until you have gained control of the fight.

Jabs and straights ensure you maintain your composure and stamina. This allows you to be in an advantageous position when your opponent makes a mistake.

How to Use Mind Tricks to Get a Counter

Source: Oscar Letherby

The best way to get a counter using mind tricks is to work up your opponent and be patient.

Stay back, go in and out until an opportunity arises, and then throw a few jabs.

After you do this a few times, your opponent will grow impatient as you are avoiding them and not going blow for blow.

From here, they will grow more reckless and become more predictable. You will be able to tell when they will go for big swings, and once they do and miss, you can go in for a counter.

In essence, you have to use their frustration against them to get the win and secure big counters.

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