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Undisputed: How to Control Your Distance

Keep your distance from enemy punches and learn to control it.




Undisputed How to Control Your Distance

In Undisputed, controlling distance lets you control the fight. After all, each fighter has a different range in which they are most effective.

This makes learning your fighter’s optimal distance for throwing punches the key to winning matches.

Controlling the distance of the fight will come down to constantly moving into an advantageous position, picking each shot you make, and watching your opponent.

This guide will go over some tips to help you do it.

How to Control Your Distance

There are two different methods to control your distance in Undisputed. They’re as follows:

Learn the Three Ranges

Learn the Three Ranges

Source: Jay MMA

There are three ranges you fight in: outside, medium range, and inside.

Each fighter will be comfortable at different ranges, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You’ll want to try out all three to find out which best suits your playstyle. That said, here are some tips you can apply to each fighting range:


The outside is when you are furthest from your opponent.

If you are fighting from this range, you should throw a lot of jabs and keep your opponent from getting too close so you can control the fight’s pace.

You can choose when to go in and out and keep control by sticking to the outside.

Medium Range

The medium range is when you are closer and can throw some straights. You want to make sure you keep your opponent at the medium range and keep bringing the fight to them without getting too close.


The inside is when you are up close and personal, the most dangerous range for taking and giving out damage.

This range will require you to be more aggressive to ensure your opponent sticks close and within your range.

You will need to put the sways, bobs, and weaves into good effect to ensure you don’t take too much damage and make sure your timing is good.

Stick to Your Range

Stick to Your Range

Source: Jay MMA

Once you have picked your range, you must stick to it.

If you are fighting on the outside, don’t rush inside, and vice versa.

This will quickly end your game plan and make keeping control of the distance very difficult. As such, it is very important to stick to where you are comfortable.

However, if you and your opponent at hurting and you want to escape or go in for the knockout, changing the range here is more feasible.

Keep in mind that changing your range should only be temporary and used in drastic situations when you have to act quickly.

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