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Undisputed: Best Fighters to Use | Beginner’s Guide

Choose the best fighter to get as many wins as you possibly can.




Undisputed Best Fighters to Use Beginners Guide

As you probably know already, Undisputed is a fighting game that solely revolves around boxing.

Just like any fighting game, you have different fighters to choose from, with each fighter having his own unique trait that you can take advantage of.

If you want to increase your chances of winning matches, you need to pick only the best of the best. This guide will help you out with that one.

Best Fighters to Use in Undisputed

Best Fighters to Use in Undisputed

Currently, the Early Access version of Undisputed has already over 50 fighters available you can choose from.

However, not every one of them is easy to use. In fact, some fighters look difficult to play because they don’t really match your play style.

Having said that, here are the five best fighters that you can use if you’re a complete beginner:

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury

Starting off with Tyson Fury, who is a big man that can easily intimidate his opponent just by looking at his physique.

In fact, he has a height of 6’9” and an 85 inches reach.

Tyson Fury 1

Source: Studdy

Aside from his size, he also has amazing stats with a 94 overall rating. Plus, his fighting style is a boxer-puncher, which is why he’s very beginner-friendly.

The only drawback with this is his punch speed of 89. However, you wouldn’t have to worry much about it because he has 92 and 96 left and right-hand powers respectively.

Besides, his high health will be a great advantage even if you receive some surprise sharp attacks because of his 97 body health, 96 head health, and 96 overall health.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard

Source: Studdy

Your next choice is Sugar Ray Leonard who is a welterweight fighter with an overall rating of 91. Unlike the first one, Leonard has a fighting style of an Out Boxer.

Looking at his stats, you would think that he has fairly low stamina. But given his overall speed of 95, you will be easily landing your punches on the enemies.

Sugar Ray Leonard 1

His 97 movement speed and 94 punch speed are a great combination for quick combos and catching your opponent off guard.

You will also be able to dodge attacks quickly because of this.

Terence Crawford

Terence Crawford

Next up is Terence Bud Crawford with a 90 overall rating in both lightweight and welterweight divisions.

He is another boxer-puncher on the roster, so if you want someone who has a fighting style that is closely similar to Fury, Crawford will be the man for you.

Crawford is best matched against someone who has a fast punch speed like Leonard.

The reason is that Terence has a pair of fast feet that can easily move back to evade and forward for some surprise hooks and jabs.

Terence Crawford 1

Source: Studdy

However, you can see that Crawford has a total of 89 stamina which is fairly good, but you still have to watch out for missing some power punches.

As you look closely, he has 92 jabs, 90 hooks, and 91 straights. All this attack power combined with his quick feet makes him extremely dangerous.

Ryan Garcia

Another boxer-puncher on the team is Ryan Garcia with an overall rating of 83 in the lightweight division.

If you look at his stats, you might think that he has a not so remarkable stats. But if you would take a look at the breakdown of his traits, you will notice how strong he really is inside the ring.

Ryan Garcia 1

Source: Studdy

Even though most of his stats are in the 80s mark, his 94 agility, 91 movement speed, and 94 punch speed are all extremely powerful when used together.

Plus, his 88 hooks and 85 punch power will allow you to easily make different combinations and mix them up to make deadly punch combos.

Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr

The last one is Roy Jones Jr who has a 91 overall rating in the middleweight division.

By just looking at his stats alone, you can easily say that he is a strong fighter and a difficult opponent to face.

He is also a boxer-puncher which also makes it easier for you to experiment with mixing up combinations to discover your technique.

Roy Jones Jr 1

For his stats, you can also see that most of his stats are above 90. In terms of vitality, stamina, speed, and strength, the majority are above 90 which is helpful for you as a beginner.

It’s because it allows your character to withstand heavy blows.

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