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Ultimate Combat Guide – Gloria Victis

Learn the art of combat and good ‘ole medieval fighting.

Romeli Daclizon



Ultimate Combat Guide Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis is an MMORPG that features a skill-based open PVP set in the medieval ages. In the game, you can use weapons ranging from axes, spears, swords, and many more.

If you’re starting the game for the first time, combat can be a bit complicated for you. To help you with that, we made this guide to help you understand the combat in Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis Combat Guide

Gloria Victis Combat Guide

Source: GloriaVictisGames

As previously mentioned, melee combat in Gloria Victis is skill-based and features directional attacks and blocks.

Here’s a breakdown of how combat works in the game:

Combat Mode

Combat Mode

Source: WekizZ

To enter combat mode, simply press F. While in combat mode, you will be limited to the following effects:

  • You can’t sprint
  • Health and Stamina regenerate slowly and don’t regenerate when you attack, block, or take damage.
  • Disengaging from combat will let you heal and restore Stamina faster
  • You need 3 seconds to leave combat mode and can shorten it to 2 if you have the Survival Instinct ability.



Source: WekizZ

Attacks in Gloria Victis are multi-directional, with 4 directions when you swing a melee weapon. These are Left, Right, Overhead, and Stab.

Some weapons have better attacks than others. For instance, the spear is best for stabbing while a sword has an all-around attack.

If you hold down the Attack button, you will see a color in the direction your character is attacking. There are four different outcomes when you release it.

  • White – Weak attack
  • Green –  Light attack
  • Gold  – Strong attack
  • Gold a white glow – Maximum Power

Weak attacks do not use Stamina; this also applies when you hold the attack button for too long.

Attacks 1

If a weak attack gets blocked, the attacker gets staggered.

As usual, light attacks are the bread and butter of every melee weapon. You can transition into a strong attack or use another light attack as well.

On the other hand, strong attacks do more damage but will take longer to charge. They can interrupt an enemy’s attack if it lands.

Maximum Power attacks deal more damage than a strong attack, and you can hold it for about 1 second depending on the weapon you’re using.


Blocking 1

When an enemy attacks you, an indicator is shown, and if you block an attack correctly, it will turn green. If you failed to block, it will remain red.

Fortunately, blocking isn’t limited to shields. In fact, it’s also possible to block with your weapon, though they have a smaller blocking angle.

Unlike attacks that go in four directions, blocks are only limited to three: Left, Right, and Center. This only applies to weapon blocks though, as shields don’t need directional blocking.

Blocking 2

There are also the Weapon Resistance and Shield Resistance stats that are shown between your HP and Stamina bar. These indicate how many blocks you can take before it becomes unusable. It can regenerate over time, though.

Shield Resistance can be increased by the Vanguard and Last Stand abilities. But if you want to counter an enemy using a shield, your best option would be the Axe.

There are also Perfect Blocks that require proper timing and lots of practice. If you manage to pull it off, you’ll end up using less resistance. However, it should be done within a 300-millisecond window.



Feinting is an excellent tactic to confuse your enemies during combat. You can do this by charging an attack and switching it to a block or using the cancel attack key.

However, spamming feints can delay your next attacks, so it’s best to use it in certain situations only.

Another type of fainting is sound feinting where you cancel the attack the moment the sound plays. It’s a more advanced feinting method that requires a bit of practice to master.


Chamber 1

Chambering is a move where you interrupt enemy attacks with a counterattack. You will be able to hear an audio cue when an enemy is about to release their swing.

If you successfully do this maneuver, the word “Chamber” will appear on the screen. Unlike blocking, chambering won’t use up Weapon Block Resistance.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash

You can also perform a chamber with a shield, but you need the Shield Bash ability to do so. This ability allows you to swing your shield like a weapon to stagger or even stun your enemy.



Kicking is another special move that can stun or stagger a blocking enemy. However, each Kick will consume Stamina, so make sure you manage it properly.

A good strategy would be to combine your attacks with light and strong attacks, and you can also use abilities or moves like Chamber or Kicks to get your enemy caught off guard, winning a battle quickly.

Armor Types

Lastly, each weapon in the game is effective against a specific type of armor.

For example, the hammer is effective against enemies with heavy armor while a dagger works best against those with light armor.

So if you are dealing less damage towards an enemy, then this is the sign to swap your weapon.

As long as you can familiarize these combat mechanics and keep on practicing, you’ll be able to master Gloria Victis’s combat in no time!

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