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Triangle Strategy: Ultimate Unit Guide | All Skills and Weapons Explained

Use this knowledge to know what heroes to prioritize

Romeli Daclizon



The Windows version of Triangle Strategy is now available on Steam. You will follow Serenoa Wolffart’s story as it takes place in a continent where three countries are presently at war.

You can enlist units or characters in the game, and we’ll show you their abilities and equipment.

Ultimate Unite Guide, All Skills and Weapons Explained

Credits: LinkKing7

The 30 selectable characters in the game are either story-based recruits or recruits motivated by conviction. You can vote on the Scales of Conviction in the game’s voting system.

Three options are available for recruitment: utilitarianism, liberty, and morality.

Unit Guide

Credits: LinkKing7

The 30 characters you can hire and their abilities and weaponry are listed below.


Class Progression: Swordsman > Swordfighter > Swordmaster

Weapon Tree: Longsword > Silver Sword > Sword of Libra

Weapon Skill: Rout and Recover

Passive Ability: Under Conviction’s Banner

Abilities: Hawk Dive, Counter Stance, Sweeping Slash, Strength in Numbers, Delaying Strike, Pursuit Stance, and Shielding Stance


Class Progression: Tactician > Strategist > Master Strategist

Weapon Tree: Cane Sword > Fox Cane > Butterfly Rod

Weapon Skill: Dragon Shield

Abilities: The Raging Beast, Bulwark, Bird of Prey, Now…!, Initial TP+, Twofold Turn, and Remain Calm


Class Progression: Pyromancer > Fire Caster > Fire Master

Weapon Tree: Tome of Fire > Tome of Flames > Tomes of Inferno

Weapon Skill: Sunfall

Passive Ability: Clear Skies, Fire Damage Up

Abilities: Blessing of Fire, Scorch, Flame Shield, Blazing Chainsm Fire Eater, Pillars of Fire, and Magic Ablaze


Class Progression: Physician > Curist > Master Curist

Weapon Tree: Rod > Ice Rod > Sage’s Rod

Weapon Skill: Miraculous Light

Abilities: Heal What Ails You, Mend Wounds, Haste, Sanctuary, Cure Wounds For Those in Need, and Fight or Flight



Class Progression: Spear Knight > Cavalryman > Master Cavalryman

Weapon Tree: Lance > Silver Lance > Sovereign’s Lance of Justice

Weapon Skill: Four Dragons

Passive Ability: Fit and Fortuitous

Abilities: Knight’s Bane, Double Thrust, Rush, Opportune Attack, Pushback, Flash of Steel, and Spring in Your Step



Class Progression: Spy > Assassin > Master Assassin

Weapon Tree: Iron Dagger > Silver Dagger > Fairy Dagger

Weapon Skill: Deadly Blaze

Abilities: Surprise Attack, Act Twice, Slumber Stab, Throw Poison, Take Cover, Surmount, and Remain and Recover



Class Progression: Shieldbearer > Guardian > Master Guardian

Weapon Tree: Kite Shield > Guardian Shield > Lion’s Shield

Weapon Skill: King’s Shield

Abilities: Provoke, Sprint, Steelback, Ram Foe, Desperate Defense, Physical Counter, and On the Attack



Class Progression: Hawkbow > Flyer > Master Flyer

Weapon Tree: Shortbow > Greatbow > Serpent Slayer

Weapon Skill: Shooting Star

Abilities: Sights Set, Hawk’s Bane, Binding Arrow, Fell Swoop, Shadowstitching Arrow, A Rise in Range, and Focus



Class Progression: Cryomancer > Ice Caster > Ice Master

Weapon Tree: Tome of Ice > Tome of Frost > Tome of Snow

Weapon Skill: Glacial Moon

Abilities: TP+ on Ice, Icy Tomb, Shield of Ice, Blessing of Ice, Icy Breath, Frosty Fetters, and Wall of Ice



Class Progression: Hunter > Archer > Bow Master

Weapon Tree: Longbow > Steel Bow > Demonslayer’s Bow

Weapon Skill: Rain of Arrows

Abilities: Steel Trap, Fight or Flight, Staggering Arrow, Slumber Shot, Those Who Wait, and Thrill of the Hunt



Class Progression: Advisor > Master Advisor

Weapon Tree: Curved Blade > Curved Greatsword > Curved Longsword

Weapon Skill: Intimidation

Abilities: Moment of Truth, Not on My Watch, K.O. TP+, Finish Them!, Tp Barrier, Best Regards, and Inheritor



Class Progression: Mounted Healer > Cure Knight

Weapon Tree: Six-edged Staff > Tavernkeeper’s Staff > Plover’s Staff

Weapon Skill: Catapult

Abilities:  Knight’s Bane, Be Brave, Cleave, Trekking for TP, Pushback, Desperate Defense, and Up and Up



Class Progression: Sage > Spell Master

Weapon Tree: Oak Rod > Maple Rod > Silver Birch Rod

Weapon Skill: Mystic Beam

Abilities:  Extending Your Reach, Whirlwind, Sanctuary, Icy Breath, Spark, Pierce Defenses, and Scorch



Class Progression: Artisan  > Spell Master

Weapon Tree: Hammer > Warhammer > Hammer of Creation

Weapon Skill: Automatic Turret

Abilities: Spring Trap, Ladder, Constricting Net, Ensnaring the Enemy, Slumber Strike, Ladder II, Hale and Hearty



Class Progression: Wordsmith  > Elocutionist

Weapon Tree: Whip > Thorny Whip > Golden Whip

Weapon Skill: Golden Opportunity

Abilities: Ruffle Feathers, Lucky Find, Inciting Whispers, Brute Force, Treasure and HP, and Endless Speech



Class Progression: Acrobat > Trick Master

Weapon Tree: Racquet > Silver Racquet > Cat Racquet

Weapon Skill: Copycat

Abilities: Switch Places, Launcher, Decoy, Intensive Items, Ball Toss, and Illusions Vanished



Class Progression: Apothecary > Medicine Master

Weapon Tree: Knife > Silver Knife > Gold Knife

Weapon Skill: Celestial Salve

Abilities: Lady Luck, HP Physick, Double Items, Long Toss, Poison Pellet, Fast-Acting Medicine, and TP Physick


Class Progression: Shamaness > Spirit Master

Weapon Tree: Hardwood Staff > Oak Staff  > Hyacinth Staff

Weapon Skill: Rite of Thunderstorms

Abilities: Rite of Lightning, Rite of Wind, Accursed Strike, Rite of Rain, Rite of Tempests, Pierce Defenses, and Rite of Luck



Class Progression: Bow Adept > Divine Bow

Weapon Tree: Bow of Serenity I > Bow of Serenity II  > Bow of Serenity III

Weapon Skill: Piercing Arrow

Abilities: Edged Arrow, Sniper, Arrow Spray, Second Sight, Sticky Arrow, Inescapable Arrow, and A Swift End



Class Progression: Hawkshield > Winguard

Weapon Tree: Rook Shield > Greathawk Shield  > Giant’s Shield

Weapon Skill: Rampart

Abilities: Hawk’s Bane, Shielding Stance, Fortify, Ironclad, Shield Bash, Aerial Assault, and Safe Haven



Class Progression: Brawler > Diving Fist

Weapon Tree: Fists of Destruction > Fists of Flight  > Fists of Mercy

Weapon Skill: Skyward Fist

Abilities: Sweeping Kick, Eliminated and Evade, Energy Wave, Lure in, Cross Counter, and Desperate Evasion



Class Progression: Mathematician > Numerologist

Weapon Tree: Telescope > Fish Stick > Kaleidoscope

Weapon Skill: Target HP_7

Abilities: Charge TP, Target HP3, Target HP4, Target HP5, Automaton’s Artifice, Assist TP0, and Target Height 5+



Class Progression: Geologist > Land Master

Weapon Tree: Pickaxe of Passion > Pickaxe of Love > Pickaxe of Eternity

Weapon Skill: Gaia’s Roar

Abilities: Trekking for TP, Rock Toss, Ivy Beam, Splash, TP to Power, Scorched Earth, and Gelid Barrage



Class Progression: Clairvoyant > Timespeaker

Weapon Tree: Space-Time Scepter > Space-Time Scepter II > Space-Time Scepter III

Weapon Skill: Reverse Space-Time

Abilities: Time Compression, Turn Back Time, In Due Course, Warped Space, Stop Time, and Distorted Space


Class Progression: Boss > Big Boss

Weapon Tree: Thief’s Cudgel > Spiny Cudgel > Crow’s Cudgel

Weapon Skill: Heavy Smash

Abilities: Backward Toss, Steelback, On Your Guard, Impeding Strike, Mug, Fortunate Follow-Up, and Trial by Fire


Class Progression: Treasure Chaser > Treasure Hunter

Weapon Tree: Thief’s Shortbow > Silver Shortbow > Trickster’s Shortbow

Weapon Skill: Act Again

Abilities: Blessings of Fire, Flaming Arrow, Leap, Item Gatherer, Plundering Shot, Bullseye, and No Honor


Class Progression: Dancer > Master Dancer

Weapon Tree: Shadow Fan > Scarlet Fan > Phoenix Fan

Weapon Skill: Power of Love

Abilities: Green Mist, Blue Night, Instinct, Moon Jump, Heart Stealer, Evade Detection, and Stardust


Class Progression: Cleric > Prayer Master

Weapon Tree: Silver Rod > Flower Rod > Sacred Lotus Rod

Weapon Skill: Above and Beyond

Abilities: Self-Sacrifice, Healing Region, Regen, Heal, Rest and Recover TP, Helping Hand, and Elude


Class Progression: Dawnspear > Divine Spear

Weapon Tree:  Gungnir > Gungnir II >  Gungnir III

Weapon Skill: High Jump

Abilities: Counter Stance, Triple Thrust, Run Through, Lance Hurl, Two Birds, One Stone, Traverse, and Revive


Class Progression: Dark General > Great General

Weapon Tree: Berserker > Berserker II > Berserker III

Weapon Skill: Bloody Cross

Passive Ability: Desperate Strike II

Abilities: Lone Wolf, No Escape, Spare No Effort, Risky Maneuver, Desperate Strike, Desperate Defense, and Desperate Strike

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