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Triangle Strategy: Top Tips to Improve Your Gameplay | Beginner’s

These tips can improve your gameplay and help you make better decisions.

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Triangle Strategy’s Windows version was launched on October 13, 2022. It is a tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch that Square Enix and Artdink jointly created.

Norzelia is a made-up continent where the game is located. In a conflict involving three nations on the continent, you will accompany the lead character Serenoa Wolffort.

We’ll give you some pointers so you can play the game better.

Top Tips to Improve Your Gameplay in Triangle Strategy

Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Triangle Strategy is a turn-based tactical role-playing game. Your character will navigate across a grid-based playing area.

Each character has distinctive traits, special attacks, skills, and movements. These characters can be leveled up to get stronger.

If you are new to the game then these are for you.

Perfect Ending

The game has four different outcomes, one of which is the best ending. You might be able to go through a game once and acquire the ideal finish. However, the final battles can be challenging if your roster is incomplete. You can speed up the process if you just set the difficulty to very easy while recruiting characters.

Scales of Conviction

You can choose between three traits in the game: morality, liberty, or utility. You must persuade your teammates to cast the vote you desire.

Image Source: L.C

In the exploring phase, some NPCs have an exclamation point over their heads. You can influence your teammates’ votes by using these NPCs.


Repeat this several times to get coins after your encampment has unlocked the Mock Battles. It is quicker to purchase resources with coins than farm them.

Battle Tactics

Always ensure your character is facing the enemy and not their back to avoid being one-shot by a back attack. Use the weak point of an enemy’s element. You can make a pincer attack when you have two physical attackers on either side of an opponent.

In some battles, having Ice on the field is advantageous. Don’t let your character run out of TP. Elemental Stones are powerful when used correctly.

Weapon Unit Promotions

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Invest heavily in the characters you intend to use. By elevating them to a higher rank, you can do this. You can gain abilities and skills by elevating your characters.

Your weapon can also be upgraded.

Character Synergy

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Look for characters whose abilities and traits can enhance one another’s. Giovanna and Corentin are two examples of people who stand to gain if Ice is present on the field.

New Game

In addition, Triangle Strategy offers New Game Plus, which lets you play a new game while keeping your characters and equipment unlocked.

Therefore, if you did not get the perfect ending during your initial game run, you can just play New Game Plus.

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